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Associazione Internazionale
senza scopo di lucro (A.I.S.B.L.)

Arretè Royal n. 3/13.754/S
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The Association
Université Européenne Jean Monnet a.i.s.b.l., with its head office in Brussels (Rue d’Egmont 11, at the Fondation Universitaire) is a non-profit-making International Association born in 1995 and acknowledged by Royal Decree N° 3/13754 dated 04/05/1995 - see Official Gazette dated 26/08/1995 - aiming at culture and training promotion in Europe.

The main aim of UEJM A.I.s.b.l. is giving post-secondary-education training courses of high professional quality and giving equivalent qualifications in all those fields which are not considered at all, or only partially, by the conventional training system, mainly with reference to new professions.

The Royal Decree, which enables UEJM, assures that the professions which are not protected or ruled can be practised only by people having an adequate level of qualification and who have followed a training iter in their own countries, sure that such iter is homogeneous in all the European countries.

UEJM does its courses through the associate Institutes all over Europe. Such Institutes work completely independently, according to the rules of Jean Monnet statute, but also accepting the control and supervision by Jean Monnet. Therefore, the correctness, the high level and the training quality of the Institutes associate with Jean Monnet, besides the great competence of the professionals, are granted by a series of activities that the UEJM direction runs together with the Jean Monnet international commission (all independent teachers): preventive approval of the training programmes, organization of seminaries, exercises and exams, organization of the final thesis, decisions about the new professional qualifications.

After discussing their thesis in front of an international commission in Brussels, Jean Monnet students get the professional qualification corresponding to the course of studies they have attended.

UEJM is not a state university. It is not one of those universities which can decide about the academic qualifications, which are protected about the use of such qualifications or about the practicing of a profession.