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Centre Culturel Européen Jean Monnet a.s.b.l.
Centre Culturel Européenne Jean Monnet is a non-profit-making Association which deals with the professional Orders of Jean Monnet and the services given by the same (1794/93, Belgian Moniteur). Jean Monnet Orders do not consider the differences of nationalities, races, social conditions, political belief. They consider and appreciate the differences from a non discriminative point of view, being the modern society a multicultural one.

The Orders are apolitical, non-making-profit and with some specific tasks:

  • To develop professions through studies and researches promoting quality in a national and international contest.
  • To organize seminaries, conferences and congresses in order to develop the study itself and spread the practice of the professions.
  • To promote the permanent training of the Associates through the organization of activities about the tasks of the Orders, through cultural exchanges and through permanent training programmes, both national and international.
  • To spread the knowledge of reviews, treaties, monographs and issues about the subjects. Some issues, either paper or multimedia ones, are made to spread the diffusion and improvement of the profession.
  • To give the Schools and the Institutions associate with Jean Monnet the assistance required, in order to organize and deal with the training courses, the up dating courses, both on theory and practical ones.
  • To cooperate, through specific agreements, with social structures and institutions having the same tasks as the ones of the Association.
  • To fix the training standards required to practice the profession, according to the European standards and the in force European regulation.
  • To approve the programmes of Schools and Institutes that give professional training.
  • To activate research centres and data banks about the professions and the programmes of the schools associate, in order to promote quality, to control the market and the demand, to control the activity of the Associate and the customers’ satisfaction.
  • To promote multimedia communication among the Associates: a good web system will grant fast, efficient and constant connections, so to assure an information exchange, which is adequate to the cultural and professional needs of the Association.
  • To promote the cooperation with national and international associations with similar tasks, in order to create international associations, according to what established by the European regulations.
  • To give the Associates some services, such as:
    - Legal and fiscal assistance;
    - Supplementary pension and professional insurance through agreements with the insurance companies;
    - Updating of the registers of the Associates;
    - Control of the advertisement made by the Associates, in order to safeguard the dignity of the profession, according to what established in the Code of Conduct;
    - A minimum and maximum tariff for the professional performances of the Associates and a customer care service;