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c/o Fondation Universitaire Stichting
Rue d'Egmont 11 B
1000 Brussels

phone Tel.: + 32/2/502.35.45
fax Fax: + 32/2/502.90.41

Associazione Internazionale
senza scopo di lucro (A.I.S.B.L.)

Arretè Royal n. 3/13.754/S
Moniteur Identification 21690/98

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Title 1: Name - Head office - object - length

Article 1

The name of the Associaiton is: Université Européenne Jean Monnet. It is an international Association, in compliance with the law dated 25/10/1919 modified by the law dated 06/12/1954.

Article 2

The head office of the Association is in rue d’Egmont 11B, 1000 Brussels. The Board of Directors can decree any head office transfer by an issue in the Belgian Moniteur (Official Gazette).

Article 3

The main task of the Association is the promotion of cultural activities, not only in Europe but also in the whole world, in order to improve the development of those plans which are in favour of social, professional and cultural training. The Association is interested mainly in education, research, meetings, in the editorial field, in training, in the cultural and professional renewal in general. The Association is also a support structure for the institutions, associations and centres having the same tasks. For example, the Association will spread the knowledge of foreign languages and cultures through the European Community, Europe and other Countries, in favour of people integration; it will defend the right to study and to choose freely about what concerns the educational and professional field; it will spread and promote professional and cultural standards which are homogeneous inside the European Community, Europe and other Countries; it will promote the study of innovative cultural standards, together with the birth of independent universities, the creation and control of secondary schools and universities regarding many scholarship fields; it will organize the coordination and supervision of the institutions and of their training systems; it will grant diploma and qualifications to people taking part in the training programmes, so to allow them to operate inside the European Community, Europe and other Countries; it will protect the right to live, to study and to work abroad; it will grant the free circulation of students in the training structures of the European Community, Europe and other Countries. Thanks to the development of the Community programmes, many problems about the legal recognition of diplomas by its member states will not exist any longer. Through the creation, coordination, control and supervision of the Institutions and of their training structures, qualifications will be granted to people taking part in the training programmes in order to work in all Europe. The Association achieves its own social task organizing courses to get diplomas. The Association achieves its own social task organizing conferences, preparatory courses, independent teaching meetings, training and specialization courses, issues. It also takes part in study and research projects

Article 4

In the Association there are active members and affiliate members. The members of the Association are either corporate bodies or individuals. They are divided into the above mentioned categories.

Articles 5 - 6


Article 7

(...) a member that doesn\'t pay for the entrance fee and doesn\'t respect the statute is considered an outgoing one, automatically.

Articles 8...25


Approved in order to be included in the Royal Decree dated 14/06/1995 n° 3/13.754/S
The Minister of Justice,